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Interesting facts about famous places in the world including natural wonders like waterfalls and man made structures like bridges.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Sydney Harbour Bridge

 The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark in Sydney, Australia and is famously referred to as the "Coathanger". It is a steel-arch bridge spanning across the Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) and serves as...
Hadrians Wall Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About Hadrian’s Wall

 Built by the Roman Army on the orders of Emperor Hadrian, the Hadrian Wall was the North West frontier of the Roman Empire for close to 300 years. It was built in 6 years...
Pont du Gard Facts Featured

Pont Du Gard | 10 Facts On The Aqueduct Bridge In France

 Located near the town of Vers-Pont-du-Gard in southern France, Pont du Gard is an aqueduct bridge which is one of the most famous structures build by the ancient Romans. It was constructed around two...
Millau Viaduct Facts Featured

Millau Viaduct | 10 Facts On The Tallest Bridge In The World

 With a structural height of 343 m, Millau Viaduct is famous as the tallest bridge in the world. It is also renowned for its design, which was considered impossible to construct on its inception,...
Victoria Falls Facts Featured

Victoria Falls | 10 Facts About The Largest Waterfall

 With a height of 108m and width of 1078m, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. It lies on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River. Here are 10...
Rialto Bridge Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts About The Rialto Bridge

 The Rialto Bridge has a long history and it has seen various stages of development of Venice. Here are 10 interesting facts about this magnificent and popular bridge.  #1 It is the oldest bridge across...
Machu Picchu Facts Featured

Machu Picchu | 10 Interesting Facts On The City of the Incas

 The Inca dynasty rose from obscurity in Peru's Cusco Valley in thirteenth century. From 1438 to 1533, the Incas charmed, intimidated, bribed or conquered their rivals to create the largest empire in pre-Columbian America....
Largest Lakes Featured

10 Largest Lakes In The World And Facts About Them

 Although Earth is abundant in water, more than 95% of it is present in the seas and oceans. It implies that less than 5% freshwater is available to us; most of which is kinda...
10 Famous Bridges Featured Image

10 Most Famous Bridges In The World

 A bridge is perhaps the most apt representation of man's perseverance to overcome obstacles that lie in his path. Here are 10 world famous bridges, some included in the list due to their rich...
Mesa Verde Facts Featured

5 Interesting Facts On Mesa Verde And Its Cliff Dwellings

 Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado, United States. It is famous for the cliff dwellings built by the Pueblo people including the massive Cliff Palace. Know more about the history,...

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