Roman Soldier Facts Featured

10 Interesting Facts On Ancient Roman Soldiers

 Ancient Roman soldiers may be divided into two main types, legionaries and auxiliaries. The former were citizens of Rome while the latter were not....


WW1 Facts Featured

10 Facts Giving A General Idea of World War I

 Fought between 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918, World War I was a global conflict primarily pitting the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary,...

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Leaders & Icons

Booker T Washington Facts Featured

Booker T. Washington | 10 Facts On The American Leader

 Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856 – 1915) was an African American educator, author and orator who became one of the most prominent leaders of the...

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Art & Artists

Jackson Pollock Facts Featured

Jackson Pollock | 10 Facts On The Famous American Artist

 Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956) was an American painter who is most famous for his style of painting known as drip painting. However, at...

Writers & Literature

Edgar Allan Poe Facts Featured

Edgar Allan Poe | 10 Facts On The Famous American Author

 Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849) was an American writer who remains a towering figure in world literature due to his many contributions including...

Science & Scientists

Aristotle Facts Featured

Aristotle | 10 Facts On The Famous Ancient Greek Philosopher

 Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher and scientist who, through his works in numerous fields, exerted an unparalleled influence...
Adam Smith Facts Featured

Adam Smith | 10 Facts On The Famous Scottish Philosopher

 Born in 1723, Adam Smith was a social philosopher and political economist from Scotland who is widely regarded as the Father of Modern Economics...
Rene Descartes Facts Featured

Rene Descartes | 10 Facts On The Famous French Philosopher

 Rene Descartes is widely regarded as the father of modern western philosophy. Apart from being a leading philosopher, he also played a key role...
Nikola Tesla Facts Featured

Nikola Tesla | 10 Facts About The Famous Scientist

 Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American scientist who is renowned for his enormous contribution to physics, especially to the field of alternating current (AC)...
John Locke Facts Featured

John Locke | 10 Facts About The Famous English Philosopher

 John Locke was an English philosopher who is widely regarded as one of the greatest western philosophers of all time. Locke was initially home...
Archimedes Facts Featured

Archimedes | 10 Facts On The Ancient Greek Mathematician

 Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician, scientist and inventor. Little is known about the personal life of Archimedes and what is known comes from...

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Marathon Featured

Marathon | 5 Interesting Facts

 Marathon is a common occurrence in the modern world. There are marathons for various causes held throughout the year in various places. Marathon is...
Nadia Comaneci Facts Featured

Nadia Comaneci – The Girl Who Achieved Perfection

 Nadia Comaneci created a sensation in the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics when she dazzled the judges with her performance to the extent that they...


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