William Blake Famous Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems by William Blake

  William Blake (1757 – 1827) was an English poet, painter and printmaker, who remained largely unknown during his lifetime but rose to prominence after his death and is now considered a highly influential figure...
Titian Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings by Titian

  Active during the 16th century, Titian was an Italian artist who is considered among the greatest painters of all time. He was a versatile painter, adept with portraits, landscape backgrounds, and mythological and religious...
Famous Indian Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems In Indian Literature

  Indian poetry has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. It has been written in numerous languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Urdu, Persian and English. Meghaduta, written...
Famous Flower Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings of Flowers By Renowned Artists

  Flowers have been an important subject for artists throughout history. In Ancient Egypt, the lotus, which symbolized the sun, was often used in papyrus paintings, amulets and ceramics. In many artistic works of the...
Famous English Poets Featured

10 Most Famous Poets From The United Kingdom

  The earliest surviving English poetry was composed as early as the 7th century. It was written in Old English or Anglo-Saxon, the direct predecessor of modern English. Most Old English poems are recorded without...
Famous Russian Artists Featured

10 Most Famous Russian Artists And Their Masterpieces

  The most famous Russian artist of the medieval period is Andrei Rublev. He specialized as a painter of Orthodox icons and frescos. In the nineteenth century, the artistic movement known as Realism dominated the...
William Wordsworth Famous Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems by William Wordsworth

  William Wordsworth remains one of the most popular romantic poets. Along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, he is credited with launching the Romantic Age in English literature. Here are 10 of his most famous poems...
W B Yeats Famous Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems By William Butler Yeats

  William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939) was a leading figure of 20th century literature who remains Ireland’s most famous poet. In 1889, Yeats met Maud Gonne, an English-born Irish revolutionary, suffragette and actress. Yeats...
Famous War Poems Featured

10 Most Famous Poems About Wars And Battles

  War poetry is poetry about war either written by a person who participates in a war and writes about his experiences; or by a non-combatant. One of the oldest extant works of Western literature,...
Diego Velazquez Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings by Diego Velazquez

Diego Velazquez (1599 - 1660) was a Spanish artist active during the 17th century who is considered the foremost figure of the Spanish Golden Age. Velazquez was an important painter during his time and...

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