Harlem Renaissance Famous People Featured

10 Most Famous People of The Harlem Renaissance

 Centered at the Harlem neighborhood in New York City, Harlem Renaissance was an African American movement which peaked around the mid-1920s and during which African Americans took giant strides politically, socially and artistically. Known...
Titian Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings by Titian

 Active during the 16th century, Titian was an Italian artist who is considered among the greatest painters of all time. He was a versatile painter, adept with portraits, landscape backgrounds, and mythological and religious...
Jackson Pollock Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings By Jackson Pollock

 Jackson Pollock was an American painter who was among the leading figures of twentieth century art and among the most influential artists of the art movement Abstract expressionism. Such was his influence that in...
Francisco Goya Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings by Francisco Goya

 Francisco de Goya was a Spanish painter and printmaker who rose to prominence in the artistic scene through his series of tapestry cartoons and became the court painter to the Spanish Crown. He later...
Edgar Degas Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings by Edgar Degas

 Though he distanced himself from the movement, Edgar Degas is considered as one of the founders of Impressionism, which among other things is characterized by accurate depiction of light, candid poses and vivid colors....
Georgia O'Keeffe Famous Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Paintings By Georgia O’Keeffe

 Georgia O'Keeffe was an American artist who is known for her revolutionary paintings and for being the leading figure of the art movement American Modernism, which started at the turn of the twentieth century....
Famous Still Life Paintings Featured

10 Most Famous Still Life Paintings by Renowned Artists

 Still Life is a genre which gained prominence in Western Art by the late 16th century and has remained an important genre since then. Still Lifes are categorized by the depiction of ordinary objects...
Michelangelo Famous Works Featured

10 Most Famous Works By Michelangelo

 Michelangelo was an Italian artist of the High Renaissance whose works exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of art in the west. He is widely considered the greatest sculptor in the west and...
Famous Dutch Artists Featured

10 Most Famous Dutch Artists And Their Masterpieces

 Netherlands has seen some of the most renowned artists in the world none more so than in the Dutch Golden Age when their painters developed styles on which Europe depended for the next two...
Famous Macbeth Quotes Featured

10 Most Famous Quotations From Macbeth With Explanation

 Considered among William Shakespeare's greatest work, Macbeth is laden with some of the most powerful lines ever written. Some of the lines used in the play have become idioms while others are often quoted...

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